San Miguel lives a wave of violence

NOTIMEX / August 4.- The mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villarreal García, has ignored the wave of violence that plagues what is considered the best city in the world, because in the 10 months of his administration there are 70 murders . In addition, he assaulted reporters who denounced the insecurity in the municipality.

On July 26, at 8:00 a.m., municipal police officers demonstrated peacefully in the offices of the town hall’s administrative building to demand a change in the security strategy; The incident was reported by local journalists, María Antonieta Herrera Rubio, from El Sol del Bajío, and Ana Luz Solís, from News San Miguel.

After other police outside the protest refused to document the fact, the reporters moved away about 50 meters from the place, at that time the mayor arrived at the site in his white luxury van and, when Antonieta Herrera was going to interview him, Villarreal Garcia snatched his phone and reproached him for posting notes about insecurity.

“He starts scolding me and he says, ‘I am going to ask you to stop sharing news that is not true’ and he blames me for notes that I have never published and tells us that it is time to choose which side we are on, if on the side of society or crime, ”said Antonieta Herrera in an interview with Notimex.

The incident was recorded in a live broadcast by reporter Ana Luz Solís, who the mayor also rebuked and even patted him on the back.

“I was broadcasting live and, suddenly, I feel two strong pats on the back and turn and the mayor passes, he comes back but he reproaches me that with everything I publish I am giving information to criminals and he reproaches me for posting about security ”, Said Ana Luz Solís.

The organization More Security in San Miguel de Allende, made up of foreign people living in the municipality, has documented that from October to the date in the administration of Villarreal García 70 violent murders have been committed, including that of a minor who died In a crossfire.

Journalists reported that in their daily work they have noticed the increase in complaints of home robbery, assaults and murders, however, municipal authorities remain airtight and, about the deaths, only argue that it is an adjustment of accounts.

They commented that following the clashes of federal forces with huachicoleros in the municipality of Villarreal, criminal acts dispersed to neighboring municipalities such as San Miguel de Allende, which is one hour from the community of Santa Rosa de Lima.

“A kind of cockroach effect passes and crime begins to unfold in the municipalities, in Comonfort there are attacks, confrontations, executions, closures and blockages very often, and that effect extends to San Miguel de Allende.

“In December there were robberies of tourist vans, so the business community worries because the foreign tourist is being attacked in fake checkpoints; the problem is when the criminals settle in San Miguel and the issue of home theft begins, they take your car away, they start stealing too many motorcycles to commit illicit and the murders begin, ”said Ana Luz Solís.

The public safety of the municipality is in charge of General Rolando Eugenio Hidalgo Eddy, who is recognized because he persecuted Joaquín Guzmán Loera, “El Chapo”, in Sinaloa, however, like the mayor, he has never pronounced or offered a statement on the security issue.

The reporter Antonieta Herrera Rubio said that in the past month, violence intensified in San Miguel de Allende, which is considered one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico, which in the first half of 2019 received 267 thousand 242 tourists and a year contributes to Guanajuato about 1,800 million pesos.

He said that on July 7 (date that coincides with the anniversary of the appointment of World Heritage City), armed subjects attacked an individual in a taco stand; the attacked responded to the shooting and in the crossfire two young people of 14 and 20 died, two more women and a teenager were injured.


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